Missouri Drug Card Testimonials

We recently gave birth to our first child. Between pain medication and antibiotics, we have saved 30% more than what our insurance was willing to cover by using the Missouri Drug Card. My experience at Walgreens was quick and easy. I simply asked the clerk to check the cost of the prescription using my insurance, then check again using the Missouri Drug Card. Hands down, the Missouri Drug Card has beat my insurance's coverage every time. Since there are no fees or commitments, it's really a great program.

Kevin L.
Saint Louis, MO

I knew the MO Drug Card was great, but I didn't really know how great until my wife recently used it and saved $40 on a $50 script. Needless to say, that left quite an impression.

Jefferson City, MO

I had to have my thyroid removed and my medication is not covered by my insurance. This is a medication that I will have to take daily for the rest of my life. I found the free Missouri Drug Card program on the Missouri Chamber website and contacted my pharmacy to see if my prescription would be discounted with the card. I am pleased to say - the card does provide a discount! The amount of money I will save over my lifetime will be substantial.

Amanda S.
Jefferson City, Missouri

As a way of responding to the rising costs of healthcare, the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry launched the Missouri Drug Card through a partnership with United Networks of America. The Missouri Chamber is committed to working with UNA to promote the prescription discounts to our member businesses and the community. We are encouraged by stories of individuals in the community who are benefitting from the discounts available through this program.

Daniel P Mehan

Thank you so much for sending Missouri Drug Cards in the mail. We have really been able to benefit many of our patients who have no prescription drug insurance, are getting it with a Part D plan at the first of the year, or have meds that are not covered by Medicare Part D. Thank you for this very valuable service. It is much appreciated.

Missouri Clinic

Thank you for attending the conference last week to get the word out about the Missouri Drug Card. It is a simple way to help uninsured patients afford their medications. As a provider, all I have to do is hand the card to the patient. It is already active. How simple! No forms, no phone calls, and the patient can use it as soon as you give it to them. I appreciate your efforts to assist Missouri citizens in accessing healthcare.

Karin R.
Missouri Nurses Association